Carfax Tutors Study Series

Our free educational webinars and taster tuition sessions

Free Educational Webinars & Tuition Sessions

Hosted by the fantastic team at Carfax Tutors, our webinars and taster sessions will cover a range of educational topics for you and your family.

Discover the different options of learning, the future of education, or take part in one of our engaging and interactive tuition sessions, providing an opportunity to view and ‘meet’ members of our tuition team , and uncover the wonderful benefits that private tuition offers.

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Carfax Consultants
'Ask the Experts' Webinars

Hosted by education consultants from Carfax Education, alongside a panel of expert guests and students, our webinars will cover everything from study options, to preparing for University.

They are designed to help students and families with educational decision making. 

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