We offer a wide range of opportunities to work with families in the UK and around the world.

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Tutoring with Carfax could lead to roles in our centres in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Moscow, Monaco, Singapore , and elsewhere, or weekly tuition in London combined with residential positions in Switzerland, the British Virgin Islands, Odessa or Istanbul. We offer a unique chance for international travel while providing the best in independent, British education.


Carfax has many past papers and teaching resources. We do expect good tutors, like good teachers, to prepare their own lessons fully, but we are able to provide further materials where necessary. 

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The Tutors' Association Logo

Carfax Tutors is proud to be a Founding Member of The Tutors’ Association, the professional body dedicated to ensuring the standards of our industry are kept at a high level, and enabling individual tutors to be part of a community for exchange of best practice and advice. The Association is invaluable for individual tutors and we strongly recommend your joining if you are interested in tuition as a full-time or supplementary career. They also provide a number of discounts and useful benefits for members. We admire the work being done by President Adam Muckle, and are committed to helping the Association to prosper.