Preparing for the new School year

Preparing for the new school year after such challenging times is made easier thanks to Carfax College's practice of making tutoring personal.

It has been a turbulent year for pupils - these unprecedented times has completely altered the learning environment for children of all ages. While schools and teachers are used to supporting their pupils through challenges, the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has amplified those situations even more.

As children start back at school again after the long summer break and a rollercoaster year of events, it is natural for them to feel overwhelmed and anxious. For some, it will be a transition from online learning to the classroom, and for others, they will be entering into a key exam year.

For many families, it seems sensible to think about getting some extra academic support for their children, to ensure that they are in a strong position as the year progresses.

At Carfax College, we offer a range of educational services for primary and secondary school years – we have an independent day school in the heart of Oxford, and offer online and in-person tuition services, from after school support to entrance examinations and test preparation.

We specialise in one-to-one and small group tuition, and we believe this practice provides children with a safer, more relaxed space to learn, where they feel heard and comfortable asking questions.

Evidence indicates that this style of teaching builds a child’s confidence and on average, can deliver five additional months of academic progress. Research also suggests that tuition should be additional to normal teaching environments (group classes).

Tutoring is very different from teaching, as tutors are working one to one with a student and can, therefore, personalise the learning to that individual.

Our qualified teachers and tutors assess the student’s learning style and make sure that they build a personalised plan that is designed to stimulate that student’s learning.

Another advantage of tutoring is the dedicated study environment, free from distractions and interruptions – making it is easier for the child to concentrate and to absorb the material they are working on. This can then lead into the student taking the initiative and setting the pace for themselves which is a great transferable skill across all academic studies.

All of this prepares a child for school, especially after a series of lockdowns and difficult times, and long-term tuition encourages good work and study habits throughout the academic year.

Principal of Carfax College, Carl Morris, re-iterates the fantastic benefits of tutoring;

‘By the end of a term of tutoring, we generally notice a marked increase in a student’s confidence levels and this is reflected in better performance in class which again helps build self-esteem across other areas.’

‘Parents come to us for tutoring for a variety of different reasons, some feel that their children are struggling in school and need some additional support, for others they want their children to be stretched beyond the curriculum and others feel out of their depth with trying to help their children with home learning and want some professional input.’

Ultimately tutoring can greatly improve a student’s academic performance, and the skills gained from a 1-1 learning environment will stand any student in good stead for the rest of their education journey.

For more information about Carfax College and our tuition services, please email or telephone +44 1865 200676