Best Education Podcasts 2021

If you’re looking to keep your children entertained over the summer – and looking for some holiday listening yourself – our education specialists have put together their top education podcasts for children, teens and parents!

From pocket money guides to careers advice, we’ve got you and the family covered.

See our recommended list of Education Podcasts below...


The Week Junior Show

This podcast accompanies the award-winning magazine, The Week Junior, and each week host Bex is joined by a member of the team to discuss their favourite stories, debate the week’s hot topic and discover whether the ‘Real or Rubbish?’ report is fake news or the real deal. Aimed at 8 – 14 year olds, this is fun and informative guide to the world around them. Recent episodes have covered Windrush Day, new bank notes and micro-chipping pets!

The Money Guide for Kids

This podcast follows three school kids, Bobby, Chloe and Elisha as they’re set some tricky homework assignments all about managing their pocket money! Through songs and games, this podcast teaches children about the value of money, how to look after it and how to stay safe when shopping online.

Wow in the World

In this podcast, hosts Guy Raz and Mindy Thomas take your kids on a journey away from their screen and inside their brains, out into space, and deep into the coolest new stories in science, technology, and innovation. This is a podcast that parents and children can enjoy together!


Stuff you Missed in History Class

This is a great podcast to get young people interested in history. Hosts Holly and Tracy bring you brilliant stories of the greatest and strangest events in history that you won’t have learned at school!

Future You Podcast

A brilliant podcast for teens who are thinking about their future careers and opportunities. Brought to you by Prospects, the experts in graduate careers, this podcast is full of inspiring advice and in-depth insights from employers, career advisers, students and graduates to help young people in deciding their next steps – even when they’re not sure where to turn to next!

What Adults Don't Tell You Before You Adult

This is a brilliant podcast for teens and young adults discussing everything you need to know about adulting. Hosts Anya and Tom have fun and upbeat discussions around everything from FOMO, to taking risks to how to be selfish.

The Student Breakout Cast

This is a great podcast for any students heading off to university. Each episode host Roly is joined by a student from a different university in the UK to give you the low down on everything from the city to the societies.


Tes Podcast

The tes podcast is a great resource for parents wanting more of an insight into education today. Covering everything from academics to pastoral care and even interviews with celebrities discussing their favourite teachers, there’s something for everyone.

Ask Lisa – the psychology of parenting

With really accessible 30 minute episodes, New York Times Adolescence columnist Dr. Lisa Damour and her co-host, journalist, Reena Ninan, answer your parenting questions from ‘what should my kids do this summer?’ to ‘how do I help my kids find friends’.

But Why: a podcast for curious kids

As the title suggests, this is a podcasts led by kids! They ask the questions and experts bring them the answers. It tackles tackle topics large and small, about nature, words, even the end of the world and is s a great listen for all the family.