August 5, 2015

Carfax Tutors are honoured to be selected as Finalists of the Education Investor Awards 2015 for the third time in a row! The EIA promotes excellence and gives recognition to organisations that have contributed especially to the rapidly growing education sector.


Read on to find out more about what Carfax Tutors have achieved in the past year.



The 2014-15 academic year has seen Carfax Tutors continue to grow and innovate, and consolidate existing strong points in the field of private tuition. From new London summer programmes to anonymous tutor surveys, Carfax Tutors continues to generate new ideas and ways of improving the quality of teaching and learning.


Carfax Tutors has almost unparalleled international reach; its cross-continental presence is a reflection not so much of its business acumen, as of the excellence of its offering – it has expanded into areas where access to high quality tuition is limited, and given an unrivalled service. Alongside one-to-one tuition in London and online on an hourly basis, Carfax Tutors is also regularly called upon to provide residential tutors for families who are either permanently based overseas but not satisfied by the quality of tutors on offer locally, or for families who are travelling and wish to keep their children’s education ticking over during their time away from home. Tutors such as these have been provided in a range of locations worldwide, including Moscow, Muscat, and Mauritius.


Carfax Tutors is not only a tutoring agency – it is also a hotbed of ideas, offering a range of perspectives and intellects hailing from different disciplines and countries, that is regularly called upon to contribute to discussion in wider circles of topical educational subjects. Going beyond the normal preserve of tuition agencies and educational consultants, Carfax Tutors has had and continues to have an active media presence, and regularly participates in debates regarding the future of private tuition as an industry as well as topics and techniques directly related to learning.


The high calibre of Carfax’s tutors (the vast majority being graduates from Oxford, Cambridge, and Russell Group universities, with extensive tuition experience both in the United Kingdom and overseas) coupled with many of our tutors remaining with us for extended periods of time, leave Carfax uniquely positioned to offer only the very best tutors in the field, with a highly consistent service and outstanding results. Our pupils regularly achieve their academic aims such as gaining entry to their school or university of choice; on a regular basis we hear success stories from families delighted with their children’s achievements, facilitated by tutoring with Carfax tutors.


The 2014-15 academic year has seen Carfax Tutors continue to grow and innovate, and consolidate existing strong points in the field of private tuition.


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