When TutorMapper Looked For Quality And Excellence In Private Tuition, It Found That Carfax Tutors Had Set The Bar Very High Indeed.

With almost half of all parents in London choosing to supplement their child’s schooling with additional private tuition, and the recent dramatic increase in the number of home-educated children, the private tutoring market is booming. But when TutorMapper established itself as a convenient way for families in London to find private tutors, we found that quality control within the industry was sometimes lacking. As an ambitious young company committed to excellence in private tutoring, this was completely unacceptable to us.

What makes TutorMapper unique within the rapidly expanding tutoring arena is that we work with only the finest and most reputable tutoring agencies in the capital, where every tutor has been subjected to the most rigorous of selection processes, and very few agencies meet our exacting standards quite as perfectly as Carfax Tutors do.

As part of the internationally renowned Carfax Education Group, and one of the founding members of The Tutors’ Association, Carfax Tutors specialises in providing only the highest quality tutors to help and support students across every stage of their educational journey. The Director of Studies at Carfax Tutors oversees a bespoke and comprehensive learning plan that can be as targeted or long-term as is necessary. Starting from as early as Nursery education and encompassing every key stage up to post graduate level, Carfax Tutors can provide assistance with specific exams or long terms education goals.

The driving force behind Carfax Tutors is to provide an elite and bespoke tuition programme tailored to a student’s individual needs, so whether you are looking for support with school entrance exams or want to explore your artistic nature, Carfax can provide the level of expertise you require through their selection of hand-picked tutors.

So, how does Carfax select tutors who can meet their consistently high standards? The whole process of tutor recruitment is a strict and rigorous one, with fewer than 20% of all applicants being invited for a final personal interview, and fewer still being invited to meet a student and their family. All prospective tutors are Oxbridge or Russell Group University graduates, and in addition to providing satisfactory references detailing their qualifications, teaching experience and academic excellence, they must also supply an up-to-date DBS check .

But this is only the first stage of the selection process. Carfax Tutors is distinguished by the care it takes when matching tutors with clients, and the exceptional level of support it provides to those families whose homes are opened up to the tutors. As Jordan Martin, Head of Marketing explains:

“We work really hard to match students with the right tutor so that each student will flourish. All our tutors have exceptional academic backgrounds, but it’s important to make sure that each student is happy and relaxed with their tutor”.

All of TutorMapper’s agencies screen their prospective tutors thoroughly, but there is no legal requirement that currently demands such a rigorous selection process, so why does Carfax Tutors go to such extraordinary lengths to recruit and match tutors? Well according to, Jordan Martin, “only the very best tutors can meet the exceptional standards that Carfax demands”.

It’s this personal touch and attention to detail that impresses those families who have benefitted from Carfax Tutors’ exacting standards.“I much prefer using Carfax, as the staff personally know the tutors they’re sending to my home”, are the thoughts of one of reassured client.

Investing in your child’s education is possibly one of the wisest decisions that you will ever make. At TutorMapper, we understand what an important decision choosing a private tutor is, and that is why we take the process as seriously as you do. We’re very proud of to be working with the exceptional Carfax Tutors where the needs of the individual go hand in hand with academic excellence.