From the start of 2015, Carfax Tutors in London has introduced a new system, where clients are able to pick their tutors based on the tutor’s teaching experience. Now, Carfax Tutors are subdivided into four levels, as follows:

  • Tier 1, Graduate Tutors, are tutors graduated from top British universities and in the first year of their tutoring career;

  • Tier 2, Tutors, are tutors with at least 3 years of teaching experience;

  • Tier 3, Senior Tutors, are tutors with at least 5 years of teaching experience;

  • Tier 4, Super Tutors, are tutors with exceptional qualifications and experience.

This innovation will be a good opportunity for Carfax to offer a more flexible service to clients, as well as grow a number of exceptional bright graduates.


‘Stepping off the plane in Muscat, I was greeted with the brilliant sunshine that draws an increasing number of Westerners here – from that moment on, I had little incentive to return to the UK!’, Anna, Carfax tutor, Muscat, Oman.

Flying Tutors are one of the most exciting services Carfax Tutors has to offer, and we are happy to say that this academic year, Carfax Tutors has had more Flying Tutor placements than ever before! The exotic destinations to which our tutors have travelled this year include, among others, The Maldives, Mauritius, and Oman. To find out what it is like to be a flying tutor for Carfax, read this wonderful account by Anna on her placement in Oman.