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A small number of London’s most academic prep schools set a 7/8+ entrance exam. This is often the first serious speed bump in the road of British education. The exams are usually made up of English, Maths and Reasoning, along with assessment days.

 Of course, many schools assess children, so you may want some help preparing whether or not the school is offering this formal series of tests.

 The 7/8+ is extremely competitive, and with over forty applicants per place at some schools, it is vital that neither you nor your child despair if it’s only a thin envelope landing on your doormat. Children develop at different rates, and if yours is not near the top of the class before you try for one of these highly-academic schools, you should consider whether you want to put them through the stress.

Note! Some schools set a 4+ exam. We refuse to provide tuition for this.


These two exams are the absolute mainstay of tuition, and pupils have been working at their composition and Latin verbs on evenings and weekends since it was introduced in the early twentieth century. Often the first nerve-wracking examinations a child will take, it is a pressurized mix of parents, pupils and admissions tutors alike.


The 11+ is used by girls’ schools and London day schools. Pupils take papers in English and Maths, and these might be set by the ISEB (Independent Schools Examination Board) or by the schools themselves.

The 13+ Common Entrance offers papers in English, Maths and Science, as well as a choice of History, Geography, Religious Studies, Modern Languages, Mandarin, Latin and Ancient Greek. Some schools also offer a General Paper. Overseas pupils may require an English test.


To deal with the recent surge in demand, many schools now pre-test at age 10, using computerized exams and interviews. Parents need to consider the interviews as well as exams. The Headmaster of your child’s prep school will send a reference, so your child’s current performance and behaviour are also important.


In addition to illuminating old topics and covering new ones, tutors can help their charges with exam technique – using the time properly and staying calm.


It can be hard to balance a daunting range of subjects, each with their specific requirements, with a pupil’s specific strengths. One-to-one private tuition provides time and space vital for gaining focus, organising learning and hopefully improving marks.


Our tutors are often brought in with a few months or weeks to go until the exams, and this tuition is for usually for particular problem areas in a subject. Or they may work with a child for a longer period, allowing a deeper understanding to flourish. The tutors provide a level of subject-specific expertise and thoroughness that allows pupils to relax and feel confident. Carfax GCSE pupils will often know their subjects inside-out by the summer, and there is nothing better than hearing a once-anxious pupil report on how easy (and boring!) they found the exam.


There is no set route for sixth-form entry, although Carfax Consultants can assist in choosing schools. Generally, pupils will be tested in the subjects they wish to study at A-level, and there may be an additional English-language test.

Limited numbers are accepted at this entry point, so you should be sure that leaving your current school is the best choice. Our tutors are skilled in both GCSE and A-level provision, which the exams are usually based on.  Interview preparation can also be very useful here.


Expert, subject-specialist guidance at this crucial academic stage can help make the difference as university entrance approaches. Many of our pupils are aiming for the best universities in the world, and with so many of the Carfax team having graduated from these institutions, we are well-placed to help.


Tuition here provides individual attention to help manage the workload across different exams, sharpening the focus of work to meet specific requirements and gaining top marks. Our Consultants can help with university choice and UCAS or SAT/ACT preparation, working with you to bring out academic strengths and passions.


An increasing number of top schools now offer the IB. This interdisciplinary course broadens the educational experience, ensuring that students hone a wider range of skills until they leave school. Private tuition can help to manage this challenging course effectively. A fully personalised course of tuition helps across the different subjects and Extended Essays that are part of the IB.


Our expertise in entrance tests will give you that boost needed for entry to the best universities and courses.


Carfax Tutors helps with admission and scholarship to Ivy League and the US’s top fifty colleges. Our SAT and ACT instructors have sat the exams themselves and have helped many of our pupils access their first-choice universities.



Oxford and Cambridge have subject-specific entrance examinations, testing ability and aptitude prior to interview. Familiarity with these formats, the types of skill being observed and the correct way to demonstrate them are the key to success.


We offer expert tuition in the Thinking Skills Assessment (TSA) required for many Oxford courses. There is also the HAT, ELAT, MLAT, PAT, LNAT

and others. 


Outside of Oxford and Cambridge, university students often receive only a low amount of contact with their professors, and this is often restricted to seminars. Our university-level tutors can help students get to grips with the wide and complex array of subject matter they encounter during their degrees, giving them the time to connect with it properly.


Carfax Tutors can provide exclusive home schooling tuition wherever you are. Dedicated tutors who specialize in the home schooling model may be particularly useful for:


  • Parents who would like their children to gain the advantage of fluency in a second-language with a native speaker, but would like them to remain at home

  • Parents for whom an appropriate tutor is not available locally

  • Parents who live in more remote locations without immediate transport links


The enormous benefit of the residential model is that pupils are immersed in a supportive learning environment in which it is possible to cover substantial amounts of material in a relatively short amount of time. Residential tuition is an excellent way of helping children reach their potential very quickly, particularly with regards to language learning.

We help you define a job specification personalised to your particular preferences. We then provide a selection of possible tutors who meet your specific requirements, each candidate providing a covering letter and an up-to-date version of their CV. It is only at this stage that the tutors who most closely match your preferences are then invited to interview. These interviews allow you to gain an even more detailed understanding of which tutor might best meet your family’s needs.


Wherever you are, our online tutoring system means that pupils can connect with their dedicated Carfax tutors for private one-to-one sessions.

Given the international nature of many of our clientele, effective online tutoring is an important part of our tutoring model so we developed an easy-to-use online system which allows tutors and pupils to share learning resources and to work together on a single document in real time via desktop sharing, interactive whiteboards, and live streaming.

Pupils and students who are coming to the U.K. can use the online system for help with becoming familiar with the English curriculum and entrance requirements, applying for school or universities, or one-off sessions to prepare for important interviews.

Carfax Private Tutor

A passionate scientist, Duc graduated from Homerton College, University of Cambridge with a degree in Natural Sciences, specialising in Astrophysics. He is highly mathematical and academic, a versatile tutor with an enthusiastic approach to classroom work. Currently in the Carfax Dubai office, he has prepared pupils in Mathematics and Physics, ICT and Economics, working towards external examinations including GCSE, A-level, IB and Pre-U. He is a proficient programmer, and provides coding courses to Carfax students.



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