Oxbridge and University Preparation

At Carfax Private Tutors we have the first-hand experience and the expertise to guide candidates step-by-step through the Oxbridge entry process. Carfax Private Tutors' comprehensive support includes assistance in personal statement writing, Oxbridge interview practice and academic support for university aptitude tests.

Oxbridge specialist consultants can provide full assessments which will sharpen the focus on any areas which might need extra work, as well as providing practical guidance on each college’s application process.

Carfax can also help advise on the right course and college for each pupil, introducing tutors who have experience of specific courses and colleges where appropriate.

Candidates are introduced to Oxbridge alumni who have both first-hand experience of gaining Oxbridge entry and considerable experience of guiding candidates through the Oxbridge entry process.


Oxbridge Interviews

Carfax helps pupils approach interviews through one-to-one subject specific interview practice with specialist tutors.

The Oxbridge interview process is not a matter of candidates being required to improvise around strange, gnomic questioning; everyone has heard apocryphal tales of candidates being asked to tell jokes, answer the same question multiple times, etc. In reality, the interviewers use their time with candidates to go “beyond the written record” and determine academic potential and aptitude. This aspect of being able to demonstrate potential is key, and it’s what Carfax tutors focus on to give candidates the best chance of success. While focussing on developing pupils' ability to demonstrate ability, Carfax tutors also incorporate Oxbridge style text/object analysis to help accustom candidates to using this skill-set during an interview.

Carfax Private Tutors Oxbridge Interview Practice is designed to maximise chances of success by ensuring pupils' potential and aptitude for the subjects they is being assessed on the day, not the ability to deal with an unfamiliar and potentially stressful situation.


Personal Statement Writing

Composing personal statements can be a daunting task; even the most passionate of students can suffer from writer’s block when it comes to ‘selling oneself’ to the university of their dreams.

Carfax Private Tutors benefits from the expertise and first-hand knowledge of its educational consultants, to offer expert advice in how to write a personal statement which will mirror a given student’s interests and abilities and will place them at the top of the pile. Carfax's tutors know all the tricks of the trade and are well versed on what universities are looking for in personal statements today.


Aptitude Tests

When applying to Oxbridge, for medicine, architecture or another so-called ‘over-subscribed’ course, more often than not, students today are required by universities to sit extra aptitude tests in certain subjects. This way, universities can really see who stands out from the crowd and who blends in.

Carfax's educational team is well acquainted with the multitude of entry tests students are required to sit for the most popular courses at leading universities. Benefitting from a rich pool of highly qualified and expertly educated tutors, we are able to provide expert advice and academic support to help you ace your entry tests.

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