Approach to Tutor Recruitment

Carfax Private Tutors is devoted to offering the best tutors for each pupil. We hand-pick out tutors with the utmost care, and consideration of our clients’ requirements.

Our tutor recruitment process is strict and fewer than 20% of applicants are invited for interview. We look for the following from applicants:

  • A detailed CV with a covering letter – As a first point of call, we expect a CV detailing their own educational background including junior and senior schools attended, as well as any other academic courses undertaken. Their covering letter should describe any teaching and private tuition experience or should explain why the applicant would make a good tutor
  • Education – All tutors irrespective of age and background are expected to have an excellent educational background with a minimum of Bachelor’s degree from Oxford, Cambridge, a Russell Group University, or a top university abroad
  • Experience – Whilst we don’t insist on previous teaching experience, many of our tutors are teachers from leading independent schools, who can offer the benefit of their wide-ranging professional expertise and qualification. Those without prior teaching experience are only engaged if we are completely confident that they will be very effective as tutors for our pupils
  • References – Before a tutor starts work with us, we request at least two references. One reference must be regarding previous teaching experience, whilst the other can be academic
  • DBS check – DBS checks bear no relations to whether someone is a good tutor or not, but in compliance with the law all our tutors are required to have valid and up-to-date DBS checks
  • Personal interview – We meet all our tutors in person. Whether working for us freelance, full-time or on a residential placement, a face-to-face interview is the only way to fully understand whether a candidate is suitable or not. For tutors abroad, interviews can be held at one of our oversees’ offices.

Tutors who wish to apply for a position with us, please register on Carfax’s tutor recruitment portal or email your CV with covering letter to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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